Complete Food Importers & Distributors Database

Importers and Distributors Database

Access fully updated information from importers and distributors at international level. It contains detailed information that can be used to contact more than +25000 importers and distributors specialized in Fruit, Vegetables, Beer, Wine, Liqueurs, Soft Drinks, Juices, Meat products, Dairy products, Condiments, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sweets , Snacks, Gourmet, Organic, Oil, Vinegar, Fish, Seafood, Cereals, Legumes and Processed Products from +140 countries. An essential tool to launch your business.

  • +25000 Contacts
  • Real Operations
  • +140 Countries
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Access 100% online
  • Daily Update
  • Support 24/7


€948 Billed Anually + VAT

Information based on Real Operations

You will be able to see real transactions from some companies, providing you with unique and truthful information about what and where they buy from. You will have complete access to +120 million bill of lading.

Thousands of importers ready to contact

We provide direct emails from employees, departments of each company and LinkedIn profiles.
Focus on the important thing, offer and sell your product.