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There’s still more! Our tool will not only give you potential clients, but it will guide you in the process to convert them into real clients. With the purchase of any subscription you will have free and unlimited access to our “Resources for export”. We will accompany you along the way providing you with an endless number of unique and exclusive resources, the result of years of experience in the sector, that will help you turn your company into a multinational. Here we show you the 12 steps of our export route and the resources that we will provide in each of them:


Ruta 11 pasos FINAL (ingles)

Step 1
Analysis of the international demand of your product

The first step is to decide where we want to go and which are the best markets for our product. To help you in this decision, we will provide you with objective data extracted from the customs records that trace where they come from and where the flows of merchandise similar or equal to yours.

You will receive a personalized report for your product (tariff code) with the following information:

– Global evolution of the imports of your product in the last 5 years.

– Countries with the highest growth of imports of your product.

– Delimitation of the 10 largest markets for your product. For each of these countries we will provide you with the following information:
• Volumes of the annual import in the last 5 years.
• Monthly variation during the last year.
• Origin of imports.

– Delimitation of the 10 biggest competitors for your product. For each of these countries we will provide you with the following information:
• Volumes of the annual export in the last 5 years. • Monthly variation during the last year.
• Destination of exports.

You can download here a sample of the document.

Step 2
Country guide, economic report and tariff and non-tariff barriers of the top 10 countries that import your product

Once the markets are decided, we must study them in depth. We will provide you with all the necessary material to become an expert on them:

– Country guide:
• Overview: area, demography, GDP, political systems …
• Imports: business opportunities, distribution channels, customs …
• Legality: industrial property, tax system, incentives, legislation …

– Economic report.

– Political situation.

– Economic framework.

– Bilateral relations.

– Tariff and non-tariff barriers.

– Entry requirements for your product in each of the 10 selected countries.

Step 3
Locating potential customers

We offer you two different ways to locate potential clients, a) looking for contacts or b) searching for operations.

A) Our “Database of importers and distributors” is the largest sectoral compilation of importers in the network. If your product is included in our available packages, you only have to request your license and start shooting among the more than 25,000 importers and distributors that we have identified.

B) Our “Bills of Lading Database” is made up of more than 850 million international merchandise purchases and sales. With these data you can discover things like: who buys your product, who your competitors sell them to, what products and what formats, when and how much.

Choose your target market, request your license and identify your customers.

Step 4
Practical guide of contact, negotiation and quotation

Once the clients have been identified, it is important to let them know about your product. In this step we will provide everything necessary for this negotiation to become a sale:

– Negotiation guide for the Top 10 countries.

– Email templates in different languages to contact in the most professional way.

– IP call systems so you can call almost all landlines in the world for free.

– Quotation tables to cover all expenses.

– Incoterms practical guide.

– Models of proforma and international invoice.

Step 5
Transport quote

With your license you will receive a free Premium account in our freight comparator www.cá

This will allow you to get online tens of quotes for your shipments for free.

Step 6
Know the reputation and solvency of your client

We help you minimize the risks of the operation by obtaining a report on the financial solvency and reputation of the client (payment service).

Step 7
Guide to business documents, transportation, insurance, customs and banking

Once the sale is made, we will indicate all the documents that must accompany it.

Step 8
Media of payment guide

The means of payment are instruments through which the settlement of the amount of a commercial transaction linked to the sale of goods or the rendering of services materializes. We will provide you with the criteria for selecting the best payment method.

Step 9
Get the best exchange rate and ensure your currency

If your operation is in foreign currency, we help you get the best exchange rate in the market, well above any commercial bank.

Step 10
Get financial aid for the expansion of your company

Export + new customers + new markets = growth = investment.

We will help you get grants and financing for this new stage of your company.

Step 11
Assistance guide to trade fairs and missions

You are already an advanced exporter, it is time to pack your suitcase and go out and meet all those customers that you have achieved thanks to the previous steps.

We assist you in organizing your business trips so that you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Do you want us to do it for you?

Our Importers Databases tool is ready for YOU to be the protagonist of the story. However, we are aware that in certain cases the core business of a company is manufacturing and not marketing. If you do not have the time or the necessary human resources, you can outsource your export department with our AA Consulting matrix, from which we have successfully manned the internationalization process of more than 50 companies.

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Geography is not a barrier when there is an opportunity