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You will have exclusive information to know the activity of the companies you are reaching. In addition to the basic information of each company, such as Vat number, Address, City, Province, Country, Phone and Website. You will also have:


At a minimum we provide an email from each company, and in some cases up to 10. The director, departments, employees...

Imported products

We identify the types of products that each company imports and classify them so you can filter and search easier.

Real operations

In some cases we show the bill of lading of each company where it is discovered what and who they buy.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Access millions of real operations worldwide. Browse our searchable database with more than 120 million imports and exports from the last 5 years.


Name of the importer or freight forwarder, destination port and country of destination


Name of the exporter or freight forwarder, port and country of origin.


Cargo description, tariff code, internal packages, weight, volume...

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We are the most useful resource for anyone who wants to start exporting quickly and efficiently, without wasting time searching and filtering contacts, focusing directly on sales.


Find customers outside your country and start exporting your products.


Get verified companies that are importing for the internationalization of your customers.

Export Managers

Locate new customers for your company or for your customers.


Find contacts to promote the internationalization of companies in your region.

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